Chris Lake & Nelski – Colours

Not sure what crawled up Chris Lake’s bum, but lately the man can commit no fault, in his production that is.  His blend of House percussion and strangely distorted Electro melodies and grooves are really causing a stir in the EDM pond.  Chris also seems to be experimenting with traditional House productions.  Sweet and soulful lyrics have grazed his last two productions being this, “Colours,” and “Secrets In The Dark,” both following similar House grooves but paired with masterly crafted lyrics and vocals, oh and did I mention both foster impeccable House melodies.  Personally, I like “Colours” dirty bass line more than the groove of “Secrets In The Dark,” but that’s just me.  Tell me what you think and then grab a copy at Beatport!

Chris Lake & Nelski – Colours


In case you haven’t heard “Secrets In The Dark,” do yourself a favor and take a listen.

Chris Lake – Secrets In The Dark


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