Pass That Dutch

Recently, I’ve found myself in a Dutch fade, and I can’t tear myself away from it.  In the past, I think Dutch house was hit or miss for me because the bleeps and crazy increasing and decreasing bleeps just made my head shake, and not in the good way.  However, I find myself really captured within the production of some of these tracks, which are extremely complex and though out.  This post is just a little insight into what I’ve been listening to lately and some of the better Dutch House productions coming out as of lately.  Enjoy the downloads and grab the others at Beatport.

Did a preview post for this track earlier.  Quintino and Apster are two dutchies who loves their bleeps.  I love the simplistic nature of this track.  Even though it’s so simple, there is something addicting about how they gradually fade in the bleeps.

Quintino & Apster – Music Oh

Really great Bootleg by Inphinity.  Who knew Adele and Afrojack went together so well?

Adele vs Afrojack – Rolling It Right (Inphinity Bootleg)

Was going to do a preview post on this, but just got too busy.  R3hab comes back on fire with “The Bottle Song” a blend of deadmau5 sounding chords and astronomical sounding bleeps.  Love the first build and drop.  Pretty sure Afrojack played this in his set at Ultra in the Carl Cox Arena.

R3hab – The Bottle Song

Apster’s take on Sidney Samson’s new track “Set Me On Fire.”  Great Dutch track which ditches the bleeps and goes for the more roaring and rolling bass similar to “Babylon” by Congorock sound.

Sidney Samson – Set Me On Fire (Apster Remix)

Have you ever seen those artists that take a blank canvas and then just throw paint everywhere?  Looks kinda cool sometimes right?  Sidney Samson must have been attempting to do this with his first release on his new label, RockTheHouze.  Crazy bleeps and sounds all over the place, perfect for a memorable first release.

Sidney Samson – Blasted


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