Al Bizzare – Fresh Scream

Did a preview for this track a while back, but now “Fresh Scream” is here in its entire glory.  Lately, I’ve been on an electro binge with no foreseeable end.  Like I’ve said before, to stand out in Electro House is a talent in itself, for most of it just grinds my gears.  Al Bizzare limits themselves to the amount of elements firing at the listener, instead they really work on a solid pattern of elements that work harmonically together to produce sheer electric greatness.  “Fresh Scream,” to me, is very original and creative, where I though their first track “Fire Breazze” sounded very similar to Wolfgang Gartner.  Check out “Fresh Scream” and grab a copy for yourself at Beatport.

Al Bizzare – Fresh Scream



If you haven’t heard their first track “Fire Breazze” here’s your chance to get acquainted with the duo from St. Petersburg, RU.  Feeling big things from these boys!

Al Bizzare – Fire Breazze



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