Chuckie & Hardwell feat. Ambush – Move It 2 The Drum Remixes

Everybody remember “Move It 2 The Drum.”  Big track from two Dutch greats, Chuckie & Hardwell.  Now, Chuckie and the Dirty Dutch family have released the official remix package for the enormous track.  Never thought that I would love anything more than the original but each of these tracks brings something new.  Here’s how I break it down.

Of course, Hatiras brings the funk like he always does.  Hatiras breaks down the whole song and uses each part very creatively to fill the track with originality and booty shakin’ potential.  Great build at 2:30 and overall an A+ remix for me.

Hatiras Remix

Chris Kaeser introduces an incredibly creative piano breakdown where the Ambush vocals seem to have no place, yet the piece still works.  The drop at 3:00 really grabs your attention with a huge sub bass molded to the already huge synth.  Can you say BIG!

Chris Kaeser Remix

The Promised Land remix has been around for a few months now.  At first I absolutely loathed this track.  I thought there was no originality, but like most dance tracks, they grow on me to the point where I can see the creative colors of the artist.  The piano breakdown in this track I think may be a little bigger than Kaeser’s, a truly hands in the air breakdown that drops into my favorite part of the song, the second chorus.  Bleep ble ble bleep… Ble ble ble bleep!

Promised Land Remix

DJ Funkadelic puts an interesting spin on the piece by really hiding the original elements, rather very creatively making them seem hidden, and using them more as stabs and quick 4 bar repeats.  Every artist, except Hatiras, seems to love the second chorus as much as I do!! Out of all five remixes, this track has the biggest drop.  Monstrous!

DJ Funkadelic Remix

Real El Canario takes the track and turns it Dutch, but an almost electronica and tribal percussion feel on top.  Not my particular favorite, but the percussion is quite swell.  I think the pace for this song has to be quicker, but that’s just me!

Real El Canario Remix (Preview)




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