Wolfgang Gartner feat. Will.I.Am – Forever

Really excited about this post people.  Wolfgang Gartner has been playing this in his sets for about a year now, first time I heard it was at Electric Daisy Carnival last year.  Now, I’m not a fan of Will.I.Am at all.  I think that his interest in EDM is merited, but that doesn’t make him a superstar DJ who deserves to play on the main stage at Ultra, EDC, or any other EDM festival.  Still, his collaboration in “Forever” is very well done.  For the longest time I had no idea who the voice of this track was, but I did have a hunch it was Will.  Now, this is only the radio edit, which makes me wonder what the extended mix may incorporate.  Maybe a longer breakdown, larger buildup, or maybe WIll.I.Am freestyle rapping for about 30 seconds (that what I’m hopping for cough sarcasm cough).  Great track with a great hook and, of course, Wolfgang never fails to impress on the productions quality.

Wolfgang Gartner feat. Will.I.Am – Forever (Radio edit)



Check what Wolfgang has to say about the collaboration here and Will.I.Am attempting to make a deep philosophical thought.  Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Also, remember to grab your tickets for Wolfgang Gartner, Harvard Bass, and Jack Mulqueen presented by Big 10 House Mafia at the Majestic next Sunday.  Trust me, this is going to be an incredible show that you can’t afford to miss.  Grab your ticket here.


Bonus Bonus!!!!

Very cool mash up of several Wolfgang tracks done by 18 year old French phenom, Madeon.

Wolfgang Gartner – Anthology (Madeon Mashup)



Here’s the extended version I was talking about.  Love the break, but I can’t say that Wolfgang has ever played this version live.  There’s something about the radio edit that’s just short, sweet, and packs a lot of punch.  Buy the radio edit and extended mix at iTunes.  The single is set for release on April 26th.




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