John Dahlback & Albin Myers: Myback

It’s true, for some time now the Swedish producers have been working back and forth on some new tracks that are now ready to blow the top off of every club, bar, and house party in the country and world!!  A little over the top, but seriously, John Dahlback and Albin Myers working together?  Not to mention I really love the name of the group: Myback, which is just a perfect combination.  Now, Mutants Records just released the compilation album to introduce these two to the EDM community and I really like the choice of tracks these fellas chose.  My personal favorites are Albin Myers’ remix of Thomas Gold’s “AGORa,” John Dahlback’s “Kairo,” and Myback’s “Was I A Fool.”  But there are plenty of great tracks, including some oldies!  Check out the tracks below for a taste of the album, then head over to Beatport and grab the whole album!

Myback – Was I A Fool

Demon – I Think (D.I.M Remix)

Thomas Gold – AGORa (Albin Myers Remix)

John Dahlback – Kairo



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