Steve Forte Rio feat. Lindsey Ray – Slumber

Another great track off Tiesto’s Club Life Las Vegas Vol. 1.  For those of you unaware, Steve Forte Rio is another alias of Tiesto, where he likes to keep the Trance vibes, but with “Slumber” has crossed over to more progressive sounding production.  Really love this track, which I fell in love with in the youtube teaser trailer for this album.  Lindsey Ray’s vocals really add to the euphoric mood around the whole track.  The first half of the track relies on loud progressive chords with a deep distorted bass and, of course, Lindsey Ray’s sexy vocals.  But then, the track takes a turn for the best when sound hits you with some electro sounding Trance chords.  Check the breakdown around 3:56 to see what I mean.  Really loving the movement of dance producers to new genres, experimenting with their sound and constantly keeping relevant.  No where else do you see such versatility other than in the EDM (bold statement, but I honestly feel that way).  Anyways, take a listen and see if you agree, then go grab the track at Beatport along with the whole rest of the album!

Steve Forte Rio feat. Lindsey Ray – Slumber



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