Avicii @ Segrado (Mad Ave)

Finally, after a long campaign to get young Tim Bergling to Wisconsin, the people at Prime Social Group have pulled it off.  Avicii is to play at the former Mad Ave bar, now Segrado.  Personally, I’m very excited about the announcement, but two things concern me.  1. the venue: Segrado is a bar, so its maximum capacity is, well, that which a small bar can hold.  Avicii may not sell out the Majestic Theatre, but it sure would be a better show and venue for the event.  2. the ticket prices are $40, which is quite pricey for such a venue.  However, what one must consider is that the ticket price is compensating for the venue capacity.  Personally, I feel both problems can be solved with a quick call to the Majestic!  But that’s me being optimistic and naive.

Still, this is an event in Madison not to be missed.  Especially because the date coincides with Mifflin Music Week (a play on Miami Music Week).  MMW 2011 begins with Shpongle at the Majestic April 26th, followed by Avicii at Segrado April 27th, followed by drunken shenanigans on Thursday, followed by Dayglow with Funkagenda at the Alliant Energy Center, and topped off with Mifflin Street Block Party on Saturday.  Get excited Madison, big things happening in 2011!

Here’s the show details for Avicii: April 27th/Tickets on sale April 11th at 7 pm/Tickets $38-$48/Show 9 pm/Openers TBA



Here’s some tracks for you guys to rock out to in your excitement about Mifflin Music Week 2011.

Avicii – Did A Bad Thing

Avicii – Fuck The Music

Avicii & Sebastien Drums – Snus



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