Rusko – Everyday

What a better artist to do our first Dubstep post on than Rusko.  Now, I will warn you people, this track takes on a much different feel other than what we are accustomed to when we think of a Rusko track.  Rusko has shown that he is focusing on creating happier Dubstep tracks, if there is such a thing, but in all serious, Rusko really has made great strides since tracks like “Jahova,” “Cockney Thug,” and “Woo Boost.”  With “Everyday,” Rusko attempts to create a Trance style Dubstep track, accomplishing everything he set out to do.  I can’t wait to hear this track on BIG, LOUD, BOOMING SPEAKERS which will knock you back on your heels when that fat bass kicks in.  If only in Madison did the sun shine everyday, I’m sure it will when Rusko comes to town April 21st!  Go ahead and pick this little number up at Beatport and have yourself a great day!

Rusko – Everyday



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