James Talk & Ridney feat. Max’C – One For Me

A preview for this track has been floating around souncloud and youtube that was ripped from Pete Tong’s radio show, which was the Essential New Tune of the week.  Now, the boys from the UK have unleashed a fury of progressive greatness across the world with “One For Me,” a break from the usual charted House tracks.  The builds at 1:44 and 4:00 lead perfectly into the most addicting synth line that I have heard in a while.  I was just bummed I didn’t hear this track flirting with my ear drums at Ultra.  Oh well, you can’t win ’em all I suppose.  However, you can throw up a giant #winning by grabbing this track from Azuli Records tomorrow, April 6th from Beatport.

James Talk & Ridney feat. Max’C – One For Me


Here’s a recent track from James Talk that shows off his recent obsession with Progressive House.  Polar was featured on the recent Ministry of Sounds Dancefloor Session compilation album.

James Talk – Polar


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