Miami Music Week – HARD Miami – Tonight

As some of you may have heard Miami is blowing up.  Wednesday night a fuel tank on the grounds of the Miami airport exploded.  Maybe a foreshadowing of the explosiveness that will come from this weekend?  But before that happens we have another fantastic event to look forward to.

Tonight at Grand Central is HARD Miami.  Get ready for a night of explosive beats from a solid lineup of DJs.  With all the anticipation for tonight it is hard to even blog about.  I am not going to go into too much detail trying to sell you on going because, well you already know if you are going or not.  HARD is sold out so if you already got your ticket we look forward to seeing you there and enjoy the show!  To anyone that doesn’t check back here for all the post event hotness.

10pm-5am/18+/Grand Central 697 N. Miami Ave.

Performing tonight…




DJ Mehdi

Busy P


Tinie Tempah


Mumbai Science



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