Calvin Harris – Awooga

Dance Music’s favorite Scot is back, and he’s not playing around this time.  Calvin Harris is a household name these days for his funk filled bass lines and humorous lyrics.  However, “Awooga” is not your ordinary Calvin Harris track.  Far from it actually.  I won’t be the first to tell you this, but “Awooga” is a fist pumpin’ filthy Calvin Harris track and the first without lyrics.  What I find most interesting, is how producers who did not start off in the dance music scene (i.e. Skrillex, Calvin Harris, JFK of MSTRKRFT) go about their dance music productions.  It’s almost as if their previous work outside of the genre allows them to be more original and stand out more than, lets say, a producer who began producing dance music.  Let me know what you guys think.

Anyways, go buy this song at Beatport and do yourself a favor and at the same time feel good that you’re helping the Japan Recovery Effort.

Calvin Harris – Awooga


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