Dirty-Diddy Money – I Hate That You Love Me (Chuckie Marquee Remix)

Chuckie, Chuckie, Chuckie.  You simply don’t put out amateur stuff.  I’m gonna use a generic metaphor here to describe Chuckie.  He’s like a diamond, you never get sick of receiving diamonds, and you know it’s valued at a very high standard (pretty cheesy ehh?).  Well, Chuckie’s at it again with another great remix of a Dirty-Diddy Money.  While Dirty South just released a great remix of “Coming Home,” Chuckie puts out a great uplifting, club mix of the next single off the album, “I Hate That You Love Me.”  Seriously Chuckie, you really don’t get old, I love hearing your jackin’ big room leads and booty shakin’ drum patterns.  Please put out an album for cripe’s sake!!!



This track was previewed in Chuckie’s video preview for his residency at the Marquee Nightclub in Las Vegas.  Check out the video and envy Las Vegas even more!


Who’s ready for Miami? 5 days people, 5 days!!



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