Al Bizzare – Fresh Scream (Preview)


Now, for those who don’t know who Al Bizzare is, you’re in the same boat as me.  What I can tell you is that Al Bizzare is a Electro house group from St. Petersburg, Russia, with an emphasis on hard-hitting, call and response like leads (for those who want more info on call and response click here).  The guys over at Vacay Vitamins do a good job of describing this emerging style of Electro House production.  Now back to Bizzare.  These guys had a track come out in December of last year on the legendary Spinnin’ Records out of the Netherlands called “Fire Breazze” which topped the Beatport Electro Charts for a good couple of weeks.

Al Bizzare’s latest track called “Fresh Scream” is set to drop on April 12th, and trust me when I tell you this, THIS… TRACK… IS…. BIG!!!  While “Fire Breazze” sounded very similar to a Wolfgang Gartner Production, the boys from the USSR make it known that they are not copy cats.  Check out the video preview for “Fresh Scream” and make sure to grab a copy on April 12th.



Here’s the first track they put out on Spinnin’ in December of last year.  I highly recommend taking a listen and buying this track here.



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