Countdown to Ultra Music Festival – Hatiras

So nothing against the previous posts, but c’mon, who hasn’t heard of those superstars?  Everybody expects those mega-producers/DJ’s to be at Ultra because, well, because it ULTRA!  However, at SOMS we’re not here to point out the obvious, so today’s post is on an artist you may not know, or if you have heard of this promoter turned producer/DJ maybe I can teach ya something new (or maybe I just did!).


George Hatiras is a superstar DJ.  That’s right ladies and gents’ you heard it here first.  The man puts out bomb record after bomb record ranging in styles from true house tracks to electro bangers.  Originally from Toronto, Canada Hatiras joins the ranks of Deadmau5, A-Trak, and Zeds Dead to emerge from the Canadian EDM scene.  Hatiras began as a promoter for large events, which made his transition into a producer and DJ that much easier.  But hey, I’m not saying this man had it easy.  No sir, his tracks are too good, too complex for him to spend an hour on a track and send it out to the masses.  No wonder Laidback Luke’s new favorite track to play out is a jackin’ remix by Hatiras.  Don’t believe me, check out Luke in action spinning Mopho, the Hatiras remix below.


Hatiras is one of those rare artists in EDM that someone may miss when naming off some of the biggest stars in the industry right now.  Don’t get my wrong, Avicii, Afrojack, and Wolfgang Gartner are putting out some amazing tracks, but Hatiras has put in the work and absolutely deserves a title as a leader in EDM.  His blend of electro and house into a static concoction of rhythm and groove could keep any dancer floor jumpin’ until the early hours of the new day.

For all the Ultra goers, you can find Hatiras spinning his regular tracks of hard-hitting electro and body jackin’ house on Friday, March 25th in the Root Society Dome between 80’s synth master Stripe and big beat champion Jefr Tale.  Rage out to these funk filled tracks!

Hatiras – Mmhmm     **Ughhuh Shoes

Nu-Gen – Mopho (Hatiras Remix)     **Luke’s Shoes

Stars on 45 – 45 (Dave Spoon vs Hatiras Remix)    **Disco Shoes

Hatiras – Catz Play     **Nu Disco Shoes



Here’s a bootleg remix Hatiras did of Kanye West’s Heartless.  Listen closely and you may find yourself in some sort of funk filled trance induced by the hypnotic kick/clap combo.  Enjoy with caution!

Kanye West – Heartless (Hatiras Remix)




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