Avicii – Street Dancer (Tristan Garner Remix)(Preview)

Spoiler Alert!!  I think Avicii may have just been one up-ed here by Tristan Garner.  Don’t get me wrong, the original is fantastic with an 80’s breakdown and hard-hitting bass line; a side of Avicii we have seen replicated in “Fuck the Music.”  Still, Tristan Garner adds a more progressive element to the track, keeping very little but bits and pieces of the original bassline used for a build up and the whistling sounding stabs used in accordance with the massive progressive synth progression.  Overall, I’m hoping Avicii uses his Swedish super powers to form some sort of edit between this and the original.  Can you say ANTHEM!!

No release date yet, but Tristan Garner says on his soundcloud page that it will be released soon on Vicious Records.

Avicii – Street Dancer (Tristan Garner Remix)


Really loving blogging today peoplezz



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