Deadmau5 – HR 8938 Cephei

So the name may be pretty hard to pronounce, but the track is definitely easy to listen to.  Somehow, Joel seems to find a way to make ten minute songs to almost seamlessly keep the listener interested throughout the entire song.  I love how he has gone back to his progressive roots.  You can also hear a little resemblance to “Some Chords” with the distorted guitar strums.  Personally, I can’t wait for UMF to see Joel redeem himself for last year and also unveil his Pandora’s Box of secretly stashed tunes that he has worked to keep from leaking.  Although I love a good leak, I can’t say I’m disappointed, as it will make our UMF review that much better :).

Deadmau5 – HR 8938 Cephei     **Galaxy Far Far Away Space Shoes



Check out Deadmau5’s facebook page for a chance to bid on his diamond mau5 head.  All the proceeds he is donating to the Japan recovery efforts.



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