Clavé Monthly Mixes

Bonjour mates!  Clavé here to tell ya a little aboot me self and what I do here.  I’ve been DJing for about a year and a half now, DJing at local bars around Madison, with a weekly spot on Wednesdays at the legendary Kollege Klub.  About six months ago I got into producing, where most of my time is spent now.

Now your probably thinking, cool Clave, real tight self promotion and wierd symbol over your “e” (what is that thing anyways?), but let me tell you I am not here to self promote, rather I want to let know about the mixes I will be putting out for the blog and for you guys to download and listen to whenever.  While the name is rather less than catchy (work in progress) the mixes are legit and will be composed of tracks we have been posting on the site, playing on the air, and just all around great tracks we’ve been banging out over the weekends.  Since there is little to no music so far, I am going to post a mix that no one has probably heard!!!

Disclaimer: If anyone is offended by the title, too bad, I was having issues that night, and well… when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.  Enjoy the hour and a half of pop, house, electro and bliss.

Sorry, I Pooped on the Dancefloor! **Obnoxious Shoes


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